Submitted on behalf of Chiara Longhi, Director of Student Services

Dear all;

Happy New year!!!! I hope you all feel re-energized and ready to tackle the new TERM!

I would like you to help me welcome to our Student Services Team: Niamh Harold. Niamh holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Environment and Sustainability from UBC and spent four years working as a Journal Assistant for Canadian Literature in the Anthropology and Sociology building. She also works as a youth soccer coach for Vancouver Athletic Football Club (VAFC) and is excited to join the Student Services team in Forestry as she loves being helpful and interacting with the public. Prior to moving to Vancouver, she spent thirteen years in Buenos Aires, Argentina where she learned to speak fluent Spanish.

Niamh will be the first friendly face everyone will see when entering student services as she will be sitting in our reception area. Please come to say “Hello and welcome” if you have a moment before the week is over as this week is the “quiet before the storm”, i.e. classes will be starting on Monday  … ready or not!

Looking forward to working with Niamh and having her part of our team!