Lunar New Year Market

January 14th – 15th | 11:00 am – 4:00 pm

Join UBC Botanical Garden for their first Lunar New Year event in 2023 to welcome the year of the rabbit! Local Makers, Artists, and Crafters will be selling their goods. The festive event will also feature lion dances, kung fu performances from UBC Kung Fu Club, and dance performances from UBC Hanfu Culture Society and YunTang Dance Club. UBC Botanical Garden’s Shop in the Garden will also offer fresh flowers and potted plants.

January in the Garden

Happy New Year! Following December’s discussion of Australasian conifers, as promised this blog post is devoted to South American ones. For the most part, these species and their Australasian counterparts are not as cold-hardy as many of the familiar conifers we grow in gardens or those that are locally wild. Ours are all native to the southern Andes Mountains, constituents of the Valdivian temperate rainforests and the Magellanic subpolar forests. A good number are well-suited to the Botanical Garden, and to Vancouver more generally.