Submitted on behalf of Natalie Hawryshkewich, Communication and Engagement Specialist at the UBC Sustainability Hub


The deadline has been extended to March 12 for six (6) paid internships for graduate students to work with regional partners on applied research projects as part of the Sustainability Scholar program. Please see below opportunities to share with your networks.

2023-009 Research to understand the impact of climate change on healthcare facilities now and in the future

To date, climate risk and resilience work for new and existing health facilities has mostly been completed on a site-by-site basis. The intention of this proposed project is to employ a more systematic approach and evaluate numerous sites at the same time via the use of a portfolio-level climate hazard exposure screen.

2023-031 Developing a UNDRIP framework to advance Indigenous climate and energy resilience education & mentorship programs

The purpose of the project is to develop a framework that embeds actions from the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) to improve policies, practices, and relationships to strengthen the efficacy of the Fraser Basin Council’s climate and energy resilience education and mentorship programming for Indigenous communities.

2023-049 Graphic visualization of the lower Fraser River through a non-Western lens 

The purpose of this project is to synthesize a holistic overview of the current status and health of the Fraser River in the section overlooked by the Fraser River Discovery Centre (FRDC) (approximately the Pattullo Bridge to the Queensborough bridge) and prepare a graphic rendering of the current status.

2023-053 Best practices research to inform an Urban Indigenous partnership model for the City of Vancouver

The purpose of this project is to understand Reconciliation themed partnership models as the City of Vancouver strives for accountability in creating a community data governance model. The project will identify the gaps and opportunities applicable to the City and the Urban Indigenous population of Vancouver working together in partnership in a proposed data governance model.

2023-055 Research to map seasonal tree leaf debris accumulation scenarios in a changing climate

The purpose of this project is to understand how changing environmental variables, vegetation cover, and urban forestry efforts might influence street cleaning programs to improve bicycle safety and reduce flood risks.

2023-056 Researching opportunities to reduce financial barriers to purchasing zero-emissions commercial vehicles

This project will study innovative financing for purchasing decarbonized commercial vehicles for fleets. It will look at best practices from other jurisdictions as well as engage with local stakeholders to understand what programs work elsewhere, and which may be best suited to the Vancouver context.