UBC is implementing specific measures and protocols to enhance the safety and security of its community members. As part of this effort, the university is undertaking a safety-led initiative to remove course location information from public view. The intent is to make it more difficult for people external to UBC to locate and target courses for hate-motivated attacks or other harmful incidents, while at the same time ensuring there are alternative means for those who require classroom details to access the information appropriately.

Effective Jan. 23, 2024, course location information will be put behind a Campus Wide Login (CWL).

On Monday, Jan. 8, the UBCV and UBCO Provosts’ offices will be sending targeted communications to Deans and Head + Directors, to disseminate down to faculty. I’m sharing the Key Messages for this project with you in advance so you have this in hand if your Dean/teams ask for any help in communicating.

Broad communications with students will be coordinated through Student Comms.

Our Key Messages document has detailed info on the implementation plan. Let me know if you have any access issues.

Contact: Julia Mitchell, Director, Communications & Marketing, Office of the Provost & Vice-President Academic | julia.mitchell@ubc.ca