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This course is for anyone working with data who wants to further their understanding of Bayesian analysis (in the context of biological systems). With Dr. Joe Thorley’s guidance and support, students will spend four months immersing themselves in Bayesian modelling in this weekly two-hour interactive session by reviewing one chapter of Statistical Rethinking (2nd Edition) by McElreath (2020), and watching McElreath’s accompanying online lectures (an average of 1 hour each).

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Understanding Statistics & Decision-Making for Natural Resource Managers

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This highly acclaimed course is for project managers who have to interpret the results of statistical analyses and make decisions about how much data to collect and which management actions to undertake.

The course focuses on the fundamentals of uncertainty, effect sizes, significance, decision theory and the value of information. It does not require a statistical background and doesn’t involve any modelling although different types of results are presented and discussed.

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