Before leaving for this holiday season, help save energy and keep valuables safe by taking some simple actions:

Seasonal Shutdown Tips from Sustainability

  • Switching off electronics
  • Turning off the lights
  • Unplugging small appliances
  • Closing windows and blinds
  • Reporting any air or water leaks
  • Shutting fume hood sashes
  • Shutting down non-essential lab equipment

Holiday Tips from Campus Security

  • Closing and locking office and exterior building doors & windows
  • Turning off office lights and electronic equipment
  • Locking away portable equipment, tools, laptops and any external data devices
  • Closing blinds and curtains
  • Locking valuable personal property out of sight or taking it home
  • Ensuring all your data devices are encrypted for security
  • Protecting your building and office keys at all times to prevent risk to your workspace.