Submitted on behalf of Leslie Fernandez, Associate Director, Administration and Operations

Sharing with the community relevant information that Safety & Risk Services has put together  – these are a series of resources faculty and staff can access online, information regarding safety at work, personal wellness, and soft skills for a better workplace The sessions range from 5 to 30 minutes. To enroll for any of the online sessions below, please visit the Workplace Learning (WPL) website/click on the specific session below. 

Health & Safety

  • Personal Safety: This session provides personal safety suggestions for staff members to keep in mind while working or navigating around campus. Safety and security are everyone’s responsibility and it all starts with you.
  • When to Call 9-1-1 and What to Expect: This session is for all faculty and staff who would like to get a better understanding of what to expect when calling 9-1-1. Calling 9-1-1 generally happens under high-stress situations, having knowledge of how the call is processed is key to getting help faster and decreasing anxiety about calling.
  • Practicum/Clinical Placement Student Safety: This session is for students, faculty and staff who are looking for an overview of the safety procedures required for practicum/clinical placement students.  It details information about WorkSafeBC, Student Practice Education Core Orientation (SPECO), the Practice Education Guidelines of BC, site-specific orientations and incident reporting.
  • Tips for Investigating Common Workplace Incidents: An overview of common workplace incidents on campus, and common tips for investigating.

We also have the  UBC Safe – a free mobile safety app for the UBC Vancouver campus where important safety information, contacts, maps and procedures can be found all in one place!

To download the app:

To locate emergency and non-emergency phone numbers:  Below is a link to a pdf version of the Emergency Safety contact form that you can also print out.

To find your Forestry JOHSC rep – please visit: