I hope that this finds you safe, well, and enjoying the summer, hopefully with some well-deserved down time…

I would like to draw your attention to a new feature on the Faculty of Forestry website:  Research & Policy Briefs (

As many of you know, research and policy briefs provide an alternative / supplement to peer-reviewed journals and a venue for disseminating results to a broader audience, including the general public and policy-makers/advisors who follow the principles of evidence-based policy making.  Our hope is that, over time, the Faculty of Forestry will develop a repository of research and policy briefs and that our website will become the de facto source of practical and accessible information on issues related to forests, conservation, forestry, and bioproducts.

We have completed and uploaded two such briefs, with more on the way.  I hope that this will be of interest to many of you as a means of getting your high quality research out to audiences that transcend the academic community.  If so, please get in touch with Steph Troughton, who will assist you in creating the brief.

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PS – in a world of terrible, reductive lists, this one doesn’t buck the trend, but check out #12: