Are you expecting to teach in the UG computing labs this coming school year (September to December)? If yes, reply to with the course code (e.g., CONS 340) and your TA names (first and last name, and CWL username if you know it).

Why? The UG computing lab computers are now locked so only Forestry UGs – and UGs from other units that are taking Forestry courses and need access to the UG computing labs – can sign on to the computers. We had other unit UGs and grads “visit” our UG computing labs last school year, a lot of them, and time to put a stop to this for the benefit of our students.

What should I do? Send an email to with course code, TA names, we will load in their CWL accounts before classes start.

Friendly reminder. UGs sign in using their CWL username with the suffix .stu, example, jdoe.stu. TAs and instructors just sign in with their CWL username, no .stu required.

To prevent sign in issues. Every year a number of students (20% or so) will have issues signing in to the lab’s computers, most of the time it is because they need a CWL password change. Email them before classes start to go to this site: and look for a mid-sized yellow banner. If a yellow banner appears, they need to change their CWL password. If in doubt, change it anyway.


Q: I have applications that I need for the labs, when can I submit them to be installed?

A: Software request deadline was last June. Submit your request to the ADA (Sarah Gergel) and cc Carl for emergency consideration. Depending on the application requirements, and if there is a cost, I cannot guaranty we can get the software ready the for start of classes.

Q: I may need my UGs to have network storage for my class, do we have network space?

A: On the network drive they have access to from the UG lab computers only, they can save their files in UG_Store folder BUT have them create a sub-folder with a unique name and place their files in that. Please do not have them save their stuff on the computers under C:\ drive as anyone using the computer can see them and we are then encouraging copying of another’s homework.

Q: Can my grads access the UG computing labs?

A: No, this is an UG resource. Only exception is if they’re a TA for a course that is running.

Q: My UGs cannot login, their CWL works but cannot sign in.

A: On another lab computer that someone signed in, go to and have the student change their password, then the sign-in will work. I strongly suggest having a TA sign in to one of the lab computers and have this website ready.

Q: A student just recently registered to my course, can they sign in?

A: If a non-Forestry UG, most likely not. Send them to FSC 1502 and Derek can load their account in. If a Forestry UG, there is another issue, call 822-2008 for help.

Q: A Forestry UG changed their CWL password but still cannot sign in.

A: If they remembered to add the suffix .stu and no success, have them call 822-2008 as only Central IT can deal with this now.

Q: Can UGs print in the labs?

A: Yes and we are using the University’s Pay4Print service. Students must preload their accounts at this website: before printing can happen. Any issues, they should contact the Pay4Print via UBC Helpdesk at 822-2008 before contacting Derek in FSC 1502.

Q: Do the UG labs run 24/7?

A: Almost. They are updated nightly then rebooted at 4 AM, with no warning given. The nighty update/reboots helps keep them fresh and helps IT to identify machines that are not behaving so we can deal with them before they become an issue for the students. I also can not recommend students work there overnight, especially alone. If they must work in the labs after business hours, I can suggest they work with other classmates: safety in numbers.

Q: What the heck is this suffix .stu anyway? A: UBC Legal consul requirement, computer accounts with .stu are cleaned of any identifiable personal information.