UBC Advanced Research Computing (ARC) is launching two new services that support UBC researchers to access cloud computing and transfer research data with ease.


UBC ARC RONIN provides UBC researchers with a user-friendly web interface to harness powerful and flexible cloud computing infrastructure without learning complex details of cloud computing. Configured to address the needs of the UBC research community, RONIN complements the existing ARC digital research infrastructure. Where budget is available, it provides flexible options to address specialized needs and ARC can assist with the purchasing or integration of existing Amazon Web Services credits. 

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Globus Plus

Globus Plus expands the capacity of Globus, a widely used research-focused data management platform that lets users efficiently, securely, and reliably transfer data between a local computer, ARC Sockeye, ARC Chinook, and many research computing endpoints worldwide. The Globus Plus feature allows users to create shared endpoints from any computer and transfer files between two personal Globus endpoints. 

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