Hi everyone,

It’s time again for the JOHSC Annual Safety General Inspection.  We will perform inspections around the DO offices and shared spaces. Please take some time to review your spaces for any possible safety concerns.  

  • Who will perform the inspection: Nicole, Lily, Alberto, Shree and Leslie
  • When the inspection will take place: Wednesday, April 12th
  • What are we inspecting: A General Inspection Checklist from JOHSC will be utilized.  Some of what we will be looking out for:
Areas of concernExamples of violations
HousekeepingClutter free, garbage bins/recycling bins being emptied
Aisle/doorwaysClear pathways around desks and doorways
Tripping hazardsElectrical/computer cables out of the way of traffic  
Overhead hazardsHeavy items and boxes should not be stored overhead
Electrical hazardsElectrical/computer cables are in good condition / electrical panels have clear access and are not blocked

If you have any questions, please contact for.recep@ubc.ca. Thank you in advance for your cooperation!