Submitted on behalf of Kate Ross for UBC Elections

To: Staff Members on the Okanagan and Vancouver Campuses

I write with an important update on the Non-Faculty Staff Representative – 2022 Presidential Search Committee election that closed Monday 3 October 2022 at 4 pm. But first, I want thank all those who voted in the election. It is good to see an engaged constituency.

UBC Elections has identified a small number of voters who cast ballots in this election who ought not to have been included in the elector list. Unfortunately, this number is within the margin of victory, and with no way to tell how the ballots were cast, could have materially affected the results. On this basis, and in consultation with the Office of the Registrar, a decision has been made to reconduct the poll. Moreover, UBC Elections will not release the results of the original election because they are invalid.

Please be advised that the source of the issue has been identified and corrected. While UBC Elections regrets having to reopen polls, electoral integrity cannot be compromised, and we take every step to conduct elections that produce accurate results and uphold voter confidence. Thank you for your understanding.

All candidates in this election have been advised of this situation, as has the Office of the Board of Governors, and I am now alerting the entire non-faculty staff community. So as not to delay the process any further, a second election will be held via WebVote from October 7-14, 2022, and notices to vote will be circulated on Friday morning.

Thank you once again for your participation and understanding.