Sent on behalf of Dr. Patrick Culbert, Assoc. Professor of Teaching, Director of Curriculum:

Hello everyone,

A few quick curriculum reminders:

  • Curriculum proposals for the fall Faculty Council are due soon (submit to
    • 9/30 – Category 1 proposals (e.g., new courses)
    • 10/7 – Category 2 proposals (e.g., changing pre-requisites for a course, editing a course description, etc.)
  • Important: There will be a freeze (~1 year!) on curriculum changes as workday student is implemented
    • 1/15/23 – submission deadline for Cat 1 proposals to beat the freeze (for March Faculty Council)
    • 4/05/23 – submission deadline for Cat 2 proposals (for May Faculty Council)
    • If you can submit earlier than those deadlines, please do.
  • See the Forestry Curriculum Proposal Guide for more details and curriculum resources


Dr. Patrick D. Culbert
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