Sent on behalf of Dr. Patrick Culbert, Director of Curriculum, Faculty of Forestry

Hello everyone,

Please read carefully if you are considering proposing a new course or changing an existing course in the next 1-2 years.

  • I’ve created a Forestry Curriculum Proposal Guide on Canvas. This has some basic information on proposing curriculum changes, important deadlines, and curriculum resources. The site is relatively barebones, but I’ll continue to add resources and examples.
  • Curriculum proposals for our fall Faculty Council are due (e-mailed to by Sept. 30 (for category 1 changes) or Oct. 7 (for category 2 changes). Approved changes should take effect in the Feb. 2023 calendar update.
  • Curriculum proposals for a tentative winter Faculty Council are due Jan 15, 2023 (category 1) or Feb 5, 2023 (category 2). This council (if necessary) will be held so approved changes take effect in the May 2023 calendar update. Our spring Faculty Council is too late for that calendar update.
  • Curriculum proposals for the spring Faculty Council are due Mar. 15, 2023 (category 1) or Apr. 5, 2023 (category 2). Approved category 2 changes should take effect in the Feb. 2024 update, but category 1 changes may be significantly delayed due to workday student (see below).

Very important

As workday student is implemented, there will be a period (of uncertain duration) when no curriculum changes can be made. In order to safely beat this freeze, category 1 proposals should be submitted to the Forestry Curriculum Committee no later than 01/15/2023, and category 2 proposals no later than 04/05/2023.

Please let me know if you have any questions.