Help shape the UBC Vancouver campus and neighbourhoods 

Campus Vision 2050 engagement with students, faculty, residents, staff, and alumni is continuing, as it will throughout the entire process. At this time, you are invited to share your ideas and perspectives on draft guiding principles and supporting strategies, which were created with the input we received from the community in January and February. The draft principles and strategies will help guide the Campus Vision 2050 approach to planning and decision-making. They paint a picture of what is important for the future campus and outline some potential ways to get us there. 

We want to hear from you: Do the draft guiding principles and strategies reflect your vision of what is important for the future of the campus? You can learn more about the draft principles and strategies on our website and share your feedback through a short online survey until April 12th. Your input will ensure they reflect the diverse ideas and perspectives of the community. 

To learn more and get involved:

  • Visit the Campus Vision 2050 website to read a summary of what we heard during the January/February engagement period. 
  • Attend a Campus Vision 2050 Engagement Session on April 6 (in person at IKB) or April 9 (in person at Wesbrook Community Centre).
  • Share this quick 2-minute video with your family, friends, colleagues, classmates and neighbours and encourage them to participate in Campus Vision 2050.

Next Steps: After incorporating community input from this period of engagement, the guiding principles and supporting strategies will be presented to the Board of Governors in June 2022 for approval as part of the finalization of the Terms of Reference. Over the summer, guided by the principles, strategies and other qualitative and quantitative measures, Campus + Community Planning will generate, test and evaluate possible options for the 30-Year Vision. We will present a range of options to the community for discussion and feedback in the fall and we hope you will continue to stay involved!