Now that we’re back, a friendly reminder in the use of using meeting room systems to prevent confusion and delay.

  1. If you use the room’s computer, you should be logging in to it and not using another’s account. Do not log in for another and leave it in their care. This is a privacy/security breach that I am required to report. One person logging in for a session that you’re attending, that’s fine within reason, just keep the other from snooping. Remember, anyone using your login has access to your Home Drive and Shared Drive files.
  2. Return the system back to its original state when done:
    1. Leave the computer on, do not shut it down,
    2. Turn off mouse/keyboard to save on battery,
    3. Reset HDMI channel back to PC if using a laptop,
    4. Turn off the TV, and
    5. Finally recoil the cabling back up as walking on cabling damages it.

The above steps will ensure your data is protected and the room system is ready for the next person.

That is all,