Submitted on behalf of Dr. Felix Wiesner, Assistant Professor

Hi all,

I joined the Faculty of Forestry a few months ago and my research is on fire safety for timber buildings. Every year the Department of Fire Protection Engineering at the University of Maryland organizes a competition to predict the Heat Release Rate (HRR) of Christmas Trees. The trees are already in storage and will be burned next week on Tuesday 13th, so they will be rather dry and burn fairly brightly. The general idea is to promote fire safety around Christmas Trees, but over the years there has also been a competitive aspect to this:

The winning team receives the Golden Pinecone – and I was hoping to try and convert the vast tree knowledge of the Faculty into some gold.

If you are interested to participate please see the flyer linked below and let me know: The submission is very straightforward. I would also be happy to arrange a meeting or teams channel with interested colleagues if you have any questions on what to look out for.  Hopefully, we get enough people together to form a team (at least 3 from the same institution).