Submitted on behalf of Chiara Longhi, Director of Student Services

Dear All,

I would like to (again!) welcome Alberto Renteria to our Student Services team. Alberto was our Student Services Coordinator for the past six months, helping undergraduate students with program concerns, and coordinating projects in the Student Services Centre. He now joins Nazlyn Pirani as our second Co-op Coordinator, replacing Sonya Sivic who left a few months ago. Alberto holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations from Universidad del Valle in Mexico City and a Diploma in Business Administration and Human Resources, and he speaks several languages. He has experience working in co-op programs as an undergraduate International Student Advisor for a local college, where he mentored students, and liaised with agencies and industry. He has strong human resource experience working for UNICEF and as a liaison officer for the Consulate of Mexico in Calgary.

Alberto is eager to engage with our students and our co-op employers, and is looking forward to working closely with our Associate Deans and Program Directors, with Nazlyn, and with our undergraduate students, in helping them realize their educational and career options.

Alberto’s office is in the Student Services Centre, FSC 2609A, the office right across from Ana’s. Please come by to say hello and congratulate him on his new role.

Kindest regards and my apologies for not sending this at the beginning of last week … as Alberto’s first day in the new role was Monday, October 17th.