The UBC Sustainability Hub is tasked with putting together the Annual Sustainability Report for UBC. This annual publication aims to broadly summarize UBC actions to support sustainability and climate action across Teaching, Learning, & Research, Operations and Infrastructure, and Community activities.  See example, “Teaching, Learning, Research section”.

Call for content – now open until June 17

The Sustainability Hub is looking for content contributions from UBC’s academic community. This could highlight significant sustainability and climate action progress such as:

  • Major research projects, interesting pilot
  • New research groups and/or collaboration
  • Significant funding awards
  • New hires / new positions

The attached Word Doc, 2021-22 ASR Education Research Content Request, describes the type of information we are looking for (it is short and high level). If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Jon Garner [], Communications Manager, UBC Sustainability Hub.