Students in GEOG 371, working with UBC’s Emerging Media Lab, are conducting a survey with faculty who are interested in using emerging technologies like virtual and augmented reality in their classrooms.


Are you interested in incorporating technologies like virtual and augmented reality into your classroom or research?

We are a group of students in a third-year Geography course at the University of British Columbia studying research methods (GEOG 371). Our research study is interested in identifying and addressing the barriers to accessing UBC’s Emerging Media Lab (EML). EML creates tools and provides unique technological services to enhance learning and research by working with emerging media. They collaborate with faculty and staff across all disciplines at UBC. We would greatly appreciate it if you would take some time to help our research study. Our survey is available until April 8, 2022

Please click the link below to read the consent form and take the survey. Thank you for considering our request. We appreciate your help with our research! 

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