Submitted on behalf of Taraneh Sowlati, Associate Dean, Research and Innovation

The 2023 France Canada Research Fund (FCRF) New Research Collaboration Program promotes partnerships between researchers in Canada and France.

This program is open to every field of expertise and promotes interdisciplinary projects.  The program provides funding for new scientific projects jointly developed by French and Canadian teams that have never worked together before. Applications must come from principal investigators (PIs), both from research establishments located in France and Canada.

The FCRF supports up to 20 collaborative projects each year. New for the 2023 competition: Up to eight of the selected collaborative projects which address one of two priority themes could be funded.   This year’s priority themes are Healthy aging in our societies: A cross perspective of social sciences and technologies and Energy Transition: New Technologies with a Societal Impact.

The 2023 FCRF guidelines and application form can be downloaded at the links below:

For more information, visit the France Canada Culture website.

Internal Selection Process

The FCRF requires that all universities pre-select a maximum of 5 proposals.

To be considered for UBC’s internal selection, researchers must email their applications directly to the French Embassy in Ottawa ( and to UBC’s FCRF correspondent, Heather Frost ( by November 18, 2022. Applications should be submitted as a single PDF.

UBC will conduct an internal pre-selection to identify a maximum of 5 proposals to send to the Embassy for evaluation on December 19, 2023.